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Victoria Casillas of Esperanza College and Annalisa Tanguay of CAS for winning a meal with President Robert Duffett!
And the following recipients for winning $20 gift cards:  
Brandon Kenish
Ursula Orlando
Catrina Rodriguez
David Russell
Kasey Williams
Darfis Mateo
Ethan Brininger
Kyra Butzer
Nabi De Angulo
Ta'Lisa Hutton

Thank you for completing the Student Satisfaction Inventory!

Donna Gabbadon (DORG) and Edna Miller (ORG) for winning a meal with President or Dean!
And the following recipients for winning $20 gift cards:
Brittney Sanders (FMBA)
Wendy Roldan (ACED)
Christopher Schulze (EDU)
Olabisi Laniya (DORG)
Tammy Dietz (DBUS)
Matthew Dayton (URBN)
Miriam Collins (SCNL)
Elisabeth Howell (DBSN)
Juanita    Hatton (AIC)
Jennifer Germann (FNP)

Thank you for completing the Adult Student Priorities Survey! 
Consider taking a  summer online course at Eastern . Courses include General Education, English, Business. More information at http://eastern .edu/summeronline .
If you are a faculty member or a student you can contact the Registrar Office for training on how to register for classes using myEastern.
Important Information for All New
Undergraduate Students & Their Parents
Be prepared for this new beginning by reading important materials. All entering students in the College of Arts & Sciences and their parents are responsible to know the contents found here - from where to go on move-in day to information about orientation and instructions on how to buy your books... it's all here!  Check back often to read the most up-to-date information.
Wireless Setup
Windows 8 (.pdf, 399K)
Using the EU wireless network with Windows 8.
Apple (.pdf, 468K)
Windows 7 (.pdf, 764K)
Windows Vista (.pdf, 736K)
Windows XP (.pdf, 209K)
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.